The Joy of Beginning

I had the following pattern: I would get a diary, or a small planner, or some notebook with dates, and I would get it on or before New Years Day of the year that was stenciled on the outside of the diary/planner/notebook. I would write in it some notes that happened that January first of that year, and intend to write daily notes to journal some aspect of my life.

Many times this desire to journal tapered off within a few days, and I would be left with a journal of mostly blank pages. Sometimes it would take a whole week before I stopped my intense writing for the year. It might be the odd occasion when I would go back to that
to add some note or thought, but mostly I have a scattered collection of such small books which record my New Years resolve and its short-life.

There were a few times in my life when the resolve lasted for more than a month. One was when I decided to write various letters at the rate of one per day to parents, friends, acquaintances new and old. I still have that snapshot of that part of my life to substitute for a journal.

Another was when I decided to start this project. Elsewhere you will read of the events behind the inspiration for sdfae; one of them was writing material on a nightly basis for this endeavour, come what may. That year my resolve carried me for almost five months, up to and a little past the day when my mother died.

The enthusiasm for the project waned a bit, but it was always present. However, I stopped writing, and the material lay dormant for a few years. Even though I felt its importance, I shifted my focus to other matters, including moving my family.

There was a reason for the pattern, and I believe the reason was the joy of beginning. There is excitement, anticipation, some delight in the prospects of the future, and perhaps some nervous enjoyment of the unknown. One of the joys of system design is the joy of the beginning: each time you sit down to plan something new, the universe is yours to command, the potentials unlimited, the discoveries await, and the thrills yours to use as reward and motivation. I am excited at this beginning of sharing my thoughts on System Design For Almost Everyone. May you also experience the Joy of Beginning.

Copyright 2014 sdfae and Sheperd Systems


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